And He showed me a pure river of  the Water of Life,
clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne
of God and of the Lamb.
Rev 22:1  
Jesus Christ,
the same
yesterday, today
and forever!
River of Joy is all about getting abandoned and institutionalized children into families,
and getting good parents ready to raise orphan children who need parents such as they.  
We are building a new family introduction center for orphan children, making land
acquisitions, doing children's camps for poor village kids and distributing aid to the
children of central Crimea. Thats not all. We are helping to rebuild abandoned village
kindergartens, providing them with toys, furniture, supplies. We've finished a guest
cabin for visitors such as you and for energetic young helpers at work on site.
There is lots more work ahead but these accomplishments feel good.
                                    Welcome. Make yourself at home!
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                              This video is not one we made ourselves
                    but it tells an important story about why we work at this.
River of Joy is a funnel to introduce children into families,
      not an orphanage. (more info: MISSION) A street kid rehab center
     & beautiful country campgrounds are already at work hosting
     children's camps, weddings and church retreats.
If you want to help. Email:
Lets talk. Call me for free using Skype,
      Skype name DadyaDavey
River of Joy, Crimea is all about making a better future
for children AT RISK in the new generation:
River of Joy  grew from our desire to make a more stable future for children who
have little chance of survival, the abandoned children, street children, institutionalized
children, and children in poor, partially deserted villages of Crimea. Having been
alarmed by a high suicide rate, a vulnerability to child traffickers and a shocking
number of children who die before they can grow up, we are endeavouring to put the
children into fine Christian homes where they can grow up normally and make a
future for themselves, for their villages, and for their country
in the great kingdom of God.
Making a difference (What We Do and How)
We support, build, teach, encourage, and develop Christian foster families and
adopting families who will love and care for children. (info: Currant Projects)
We teach, aid and support adoption coordinators who find the children parents
      and who facilitate the child adoption process.
We organize and convene family conferences and children's camps.
We supply and help rebuild village kindergartens.
We help Children's hospitals with humanitarian aid, working in tandem with
      concerned local citizens, NIICCA and concerned churches and families
NEW! We've begun sheltering women and children suffering from domestic abuse.
NEW! We are building a men's Rehab Center for alcohol and narcotic recovery.
NEW! We are introducing Christian ethics into Crimean schools.  
Summer Camp 2010, free for poor children
Adopted Crimean Orphan
Welcome! Make yourself at home!
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Crimea Time

Pure and undefiled religion
in the sight of our God and Father is this:
to visit orphans and widows in their distress,
and to keep oneself unstained by the world.
James 1:27

The greater (hearing and obeying God),
always includes the lesser (my needs being met).       
 ~   Arthur Burt                                                                
Might you be my papa?
Where did you get those nice parents?
Oh! You mean God gave them to you?
That is just like God isn't it?
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